Welcome to the website of the North West Norfolk Stonechats project – a colour ringing and species monitoring study based at Dersingham Bog National Nature Reserve.

STONECHAT - Heacham 3 Ray Roche March 2017The project aims to survey and colour ring breeding Stonechats on Dersingham Bog and record adults and juveniles seen outside the breeding season, both on the reserve and elsewhere in Norfolk. This will give a clearer picture of where this locally scarce but charismatic species is breeding as it, hopefully, spreads further around the county. The project also provides information on whether individual birds are site faithful, as well as generating data on productivity and fledgling survival.

CR SC - Holme Peter Bangs

Photo courtesy of Peter Bangs

To help us in that goal, we are keen to receive reports of colour ringed Stonechats from not only Dersingham Bog but also along the Wash and North Norfolk coasts, and at inland sites such as Roydon Common. In fact, we’d be very interested to know where you see a colour ringed Stonechat anywhere in Norfolk!

If you’d like to know more about the project itself or about Stonechats as a species, we invite you to have a look around the website.

You can also contact us if you’d like to volunteer for the survey, or go straight to the Report Sightings page if you wish to let us know about a colour ringed Stonechat you’ve seen.

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